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Cancellation Refund and Privacy Agreements

Aldiwan Center Course Cancellation, Refund  and Privacy Agreements

1. General
2. Aldiwan Center Course Cancellation, Refund Policy
3. Privacy policy
4. Governing law and contact information

1. General
1.1 Everything on this page constitutes our agreement with you as a student/consumer/customer/user.

1.2 You agree to be bound by all text communications between you and Aldiwan Center, either by written, printed, or electronic text communications, described here as “written”. You agree that only written communications in email or paper, are the only form of communication that constitutes a complementary part of the whole legal relationship and agreement between you and Aldiwan Center, and that no verbal communications are taken into consideration in this legal relationship.

1.3 You are required to read and agree on the agreement(s) related to the services you wish to use, including this website and other websites belonging to Aldiwan Center before using them. Your use or order of any of our services or products indicates that you read and agreed on the agreement(s) related to the service or product.

1.4 These Products and Services Agreements are the standard official policy of all Aldiwan Center
campuses at:
Nasr City, Cairo          – Website: www.aldiwancenter.com
Nasr City, Cairo          – Website: www.aldiwancentre.com
Garden City, Cairo      – Website: www.arabiccairo.com
Maadi City, Cairo        – Website: www.aldiwanarabic.com
Worldwide: Virtual Campus : www.aldiwanonline.net and aldiwanonline.com

1.5 In case of any changes to the policies published here, these changes will be effective 15 days from the date of publishing, with no effect on previous business operations prior to that date.

1.6 Aldiwan Center reserves the right to change in this agreement at any time with a prior 15-day notice published on the homepage at: aldiwancenter.com and aldiwanonline.net and aldiwanonline.com websites.

2. Aldiwan Center Course Cancellation and Refund Policy

Each course and program has its own registration deadline or season. Therefore, each course and program has its own updated Course Cancellation, Refund Policy, mentioned in on the course or program page. Please refer to each course and program page for its Course Cancellation, Refund Policy.

3. Privacy policy

3.1 In contact, registration, and eStore purchase forms

Personally identifiable information we collect on this website are strictly used only for the purposes it is being collected for.

3.2. in newsletter Sign up

We ask you to submit your name, email, country and gender, in order to be able to send you the free educational materials , send you updates on our educational services,  courses, and offers. You can any time remove yourself from the mailinglist, using the subscribe form on this page, making sure you “check” the ‘unsubscribe’ checkbox.

3.4. Credit card information

Our online payment system does not collect credit card information. We forward you to a payment page of another, third party, independent world-class credit processing company secure server , on which you submit your card information encrypted. We have no control over the process of submitting your credit card information, and we do not process or store any credit card data.

4. Governing law and contact information

4.1.Governing law:
This agreement is governed by the laws of Egypt, and any cases must be brought to Egyptian courts.

4.2.Contact information

Aldiwan Center Nasr City
12 Naguib Mahfouz Street, off Abbas Al Akaad St.
Nasr City
Or call/fax our office at:

Aldiwan Center Garden City
14 Fouad Sirag El-Deen St
Next to Canadian embassy
Garden city
Or call/fax our office at:

Aldiwan Center Maadi City
13G jem, 198 Street, Degla
Maadi, Cairo, Egypt.
Or call/fax our office at:

End of Aldiwan Center Course Cancellation, Refund  and Privacy Agreements


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