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General Courses Application – Garden City

General Arabic Courses
Registration Application

For Garden City Campus


Registration Instructions

  1. Do not use this form unless all your questions have been answered, and you are ready to start studying – and traveling if you live abroad – to Aldiwan Center in Gadren City Cairo, Egypt.
  2. Please fill out all the fields in this registration form with accurate and complete data. incomplete forms may delay the processing of your registration.

Registration Steps

  1. Read the General Aldiwan Cancellation Refund and Privacy Agreements page [link opens in new window].
  1. Read about current General Courses and offers [links opens in new window]:
    [Mini Groups Offer]
    [April and May Offer]
  2. Fill out the registration form.
  3. If you are applying for a specific offer, the application form must be received before or on the appropriate offer deadline.
  4. Registration is not complete without payment of the deposit.
  5. Upon arrival to Aldiwan Center Garden City , the student will be asked to sign an agreement outlining the guidelines of studying at Aldiwan Center Garden City.

Online Payment:

    • If you select to pay online, you can do that at this page, after sending your registration application (opens new window)

Registration Application

A - Personal Data

Official perosnal data as appeared on applicant passport

Your First Name, Last Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Your Phone number (mobile preferred: 00-countrycode-statecode-phonenumber)

Sex (required)
Male Female 

Date of Birth (DD-MM-YYYY): (required)

Nationality: (required)

Full Mailing Address (required):

Current Country of Residence: (required)

B - Arabic language knowledge

Have you studied Arabic before? (required)

Yes (Please detail below) Never Almost Never (very little to detail) 

Previous Study History:

If you have already studied Arabic before,
please help us understand your needs better,
by giving the following details: how many hours/ weeks,
from what book, and who was your teacher(s)/ school or center,
and where?
- Date(s) when you studied Arabic (just put the years):

- Estimated Total Hours:

- Estimated Period: Weeks/ Months:

- Text Book(s) Used:

- School/ Center/:

- Private Teacher:

- Teacher's Mother Language:

- Place of Study (Country, City) :

- Notes:

C - Overseas Students Travel Details

Which of Aldiwan Center special services would you like to apply for?
(please tick the needed service):
Airport Pick-Up& Drop-off Hotel Reservation Apartment Search Assistance 
If you need Airport Pick-Up service:
Provide arrival date now:

 I will send my Date of Arrival Later
Flight Information (i.e.: Number, City of departure, airlines, etc.)

 I will send my flight information Later

D - Apartment information:

You can skip this section, if you want to arrange apartment for yourself, by clicking here:
 I will arrange housing for myself. Thank you I don't need the free Apartment Search Assistance service.
But If you need our free Apartment Search Assistance, you are welcome to fill out the following details:
Flat (Apartment) features you like:
Yes No 
-If furnished, How?

- Maximum Rent:
- How far from Aldiwan Center Garden City?
in Meters, Maximum.
- Number of Rooms:

- Number of Bathrooms:

- Do you like to share your apartment with someone else? (roommate)
Yes No No preference 
- Other information/notes on apartment:

E - Study information:

What is your main goal of studying Arabic?
 Religion Business/Profession Arabic Studies Other, please indicate:

Course load options (required):
Regular (50 hr./Month) 
Intensive (100 hr./Month) 
Ultra-busy learner (To be arragned individually) 
Type of study preferred:
Group Private 
General Arabic course tracks :
 Modern standard Arabic (Fus-ha)
 Colloquial Arabic of Cairo ( Aameya)
 Combined Modern standard Arabic + Colloquial Arabic of Cairo
Special Interest Arabic Course (Private only):
 Conversational Arabic
 Grammar (Nah'w)
 Rhetoric (Balagha)
 Arabic Media Language
 Arabic Calligraphy (Khatt)
 Arabic Literature
 Qur’anic Recitation and Memorization (Tajweed, Hifiz)
 Other subject(s):
How many days per week?

Which General Courses offer are you applying for:
 Mini Group offer (30 % Discount - Deadline: May 31st 2014)
(Must mention names of the group members in the comments field below)

G - General information:

How did you know about Aldiwan Center?
 Friend Aldiwan Center Student (Name: ) Internet Search Advertisement on this Website: (Site name) Other, please indicate



H - Deposit Payment information and agreements:

Please make sure you pay $100 deposit as soon as you can so your registration and reservation be valid.
We cannot accept you registration until your deposit is paid and received on time.
You can pay now online securely with your credit or debit card here (link opens in new window):

The deposit will be deducted from the tuition fees.
If you prefer to pay with wire transfer, transfer details will be sent to your confirmed email.
Payment Method (required):
 I will pay the 100$ USD registration fee now online.
 I will pay with bank wire transfer, please send me wire information.
 I will pay in cash at Garden City campus.
 I will pay later ASAP with another payment method.

Agreements (required):
 I read, and agree to the Payment, Cancellation, and Refund Policies of Aldiwan Center (Required).
 I read, and agree to the general and privacy policies of Aldiwan Center (Required).
 I agree to subscribe to Aldiwan Center newsletter (Required).



    • If you select to pay online, you can do that at this page, after sending your registration application (opens new window)
    • Please allow 48 hours to get a confirmation email from
      Aldiwan Center to assure that we received your online application and
      to confirm whether there will be seats available in your selected
      course close to your date of arrival or not, and to learn about the
      registration deposit payment system.
    • The date we receive your registration deposit is the date
      upon which you will be (or not) eligible for any date-based discounts
    • [Note: 1$ USD = 7 EGP [as of 27 April 2014], subject to Central Bank
      official rate
      (link opens in new window) changes]. We recommend you
      check the current rate before your trip. The fees will be paid in
      Egyptian pounds.
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